yAnG AmaT bErHoRmAt

Saturday, December 12, 2009


say what u want do as u please..but im not the type of girl whos gonna break down n crash bcoz of one thing u say to me,im strong n independent…i hold my own head upp!!

im the girl who has a smile on her face when everythings going wrong. but im the girl that can be in a crowded room n feel so alone..im the girl who tells herself everything will be alright, but im that girl who cries herself to sleep…im the who loves so many people..yet trust no one!im that girl who seems like the happiest girl in the world, but..all she does is worry im the girl that can be satisfied im the girl whose searching 4 something thats not even there..
i am good,but not an angel..i do sin,but i am not a devil..i am pretty,but not beautiful..i have frenz,but i am not peacemaker..i am juz a small girl in a big world trying to find someone love..who are u to judge me i know im not perfect and I DONT CLAIME TO BE but b4 u start pointing fingers.make sure your own hands are clean.. im nowhere near perfect i eat when im bored i fall 4 boys too easy im hoping that day i dont need a fake smile n make up stories to get someone to like me. i live by quotes that explain exactly what…im going through n i make up excusess 4 everything…i have my bez frenz n my enemies…dramas n memories im juz your everage typical teenager WHAT CAN I SAY IM JUZ DIFFERENT In my life what seems to be.isnt always true.i have learned to trust no one the hard way. Life is hard.Life is tought u learn threw your mistakes u loose frenz gain love n move on. I have come to realize it is easier to 4give n never 4get then 4give n 4get bcoz then u have been beat..

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